Rotary Kilns

Rotary Carbon Regeneration Kiln Brochure

A rotary kiln is used for the continuous thermal treatment of a spent carbon batch.

Carbon is transferred into a carbon holding hopper and gradually fed into the retort tube by means of a dewatering screw feeder. The rotating retort tube is indirectly heated through elements or burners and heat is transferred into the carbon bed through continuous surface exposure and the rotating carbon mixing effect. The water on the spent carbon creates a superheated steam environment inside the retort tube with a positive  pressure to maintain the required oxygen depleted atmosphere, thus removing absorbates and recovering the original porous carbon structures.

Phasecon Mining's Rotary Carbon Kiln solution consists of the following:

  • Mild steel corrosion protected heating cabinet that is fully refractory insulated.
  • Retort tube.
  • Heat source being elements/light fuel/heavy fuel/gas burners.
  • Main drive assembly with a separate backup support drive assembly.
  • Retort support roller assemblies.
  • Controlled dewatering screw feeder carbon feed solution.
  • Insulated discharge hopper assembly.
  • All movable parts are fully guarded.
  • Modular design to ensure accessibility and replaceability.
  • Our standard Kiln sizes on offer are 25-3000 kg/hr.
  • Custom feed rate designs.
  • Designs based on 50% moisture.
  • Minimum carbon retention time of 20 minutes (10 min @ 750°C for regeneration).


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