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Refurbishments & Conversions


Phasecon Mining has been in the forefront of Kiln heating system conversions and refurbishments. We offer our clients our experienced track record of how to install, supply, control, and monitor heating systems effectively in all the various heating applications.

Our global experienced footprint on control and heating solution successful implementations, refurbishments and conversions in the mining industry are as wide as Brazil, Mexico, Ghana, Guinea, DRC & South Africa to name a few.

Phasecon Mining offers the following service under Refurbishments:

  • Refractory Lining – replacing refractory lining, bricks and modules to enable element support systems.
  • Element bus bar connections and cabling
  • Retort tubes
  • Control panels and heater controllers
  • Drive assemblies, (Gearboxes, AC & DC Motors, Clutches) 

Kiln refurbishments are required when equipment failures results in contamination of the internal cabinet of the Kiln. The other reason for refurbishment is when the kiln have been in operation for several years and the element supports, burner support or refractory insulation have deteriorated to a point where it is ineffective.

Kiln Conversion relates to changing the current heating method or heating medium.

Benefits to consider on kiln conversions:

  • Operating costs
    - Prolong element service life.
    - Improvement on heat transfer efficiencies.
    - Improved refractory resistance reduces heat losses.
  • Operating Down Time
    - Accessibility ensures no need to strip and disassemble major kiln parts to do maintenance
  • Ease of Maintaining equipment
  • Safety improvement

Screw Feeder Hopper





Heating Solutions: Coil Elements & Refractory





Retort Tube






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