Carbon Regeneration Service

Phasecon Mining has developed an intelligent element control and monitoring system that measures the element temperatures directly on certain predetermined elements which enables the system to protect the elements against over temperature conditions as well as to consistently measure the elements change in resistance during operation. The amount of element life remaining on the elements is then calculated and the client could choose to receive early notifications or alerts from the system to schedule future replacements in advance before the system heating performance comes into question.

Carbon Activation Service

Carbon activation is the process of taking charcoal (also called char) through a thermal process to enlarge its surface area. Our carbon Kiln’s design promote these unique controlled environments as required for optimal Carbon Activation. By reactivation of spent activated carbon it enables us to reduce our clients operation costs through enabling them to reuse their contaminated carbon batches several times.

If this is something that you are interested in us to assist you with, please feel free to contact us to do a consultation session with you.


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