Phasecon Mining Rectifiers

Phasecon Mining supplies a full range of Rectifiers that are reliable, have robust designs, and are used for surface, electrowinning and water treatment.

Phasecon Mining Rectifiers Types:

  • Oil & Air-Cooled Thyristor (SCR Type, 50Hz) rectifier units
  • Switch mode (High frequency switching through IGBT through PWM control, 20kHz Air-cooled rectifiers. The switch mode Air Cooled Rectifier is one of our flagship rectifier type solutions that is energy efficient, modular and of a lightweight robust design.

Typical sizes are:

  • 500A, 800A, 1200A, 1500A, 2000A, 2500A, bigger units on request.

Rectifiers are custom-built to our client's requirements and specifications.


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