Rotary Kiln Spares


We offer various makes of Italian burners on light fuel and gas burner applications. All spare parts on these burners are marketed by us. We also provide burner services and repairs on burners.

Discharge Hopper

We design and manufacture discharge hoppers for rotary kiln to suit every application. Our standard discharge hopper we offer is a mild steel outer housing fitted with refractory material on the inside and a stainless-steel insert fitted with a replaceable wear plate that is in contact with the processed material. We do also offer complete stainless-steel hoppers and various quench transfer solutions to optimally process the treated carbon at the back end of the rotary Kiln.

Block chute detection c/w system integration option available.

Drive Assemblies

Phasecon Mining can design or provide alternative gearbox selections for any rotary kiln application. Our standard drive assembly consists of a motor (being AC or Backup DC), a gearbox and a clutch with a sprocket to match the drive chain used.

We carry a stock of chains, tensioners, half links, and master links for rotary kilns. We also do refurbishments of drive assembly components.


We design and manufacture various elements solutions to suit all the various heating applications. We are also the best in the field when it comes to element control. We have developed our own Element Monitoring and Control Card that runs remote communication protocol directly to the local PLC for processing.  

We offer the following types of elements:

  • Candle Elements
  • Coil Elements
  • Strip Elements
  • Silicon Carbide Elements
  • Incoloy Elements


We supply and do have partners that specialise in the manufacture of specialized refractory solutions and material selections.

On refractories materials and services, we offer:

  • Element ceramic support hangers
  • Element insulation sleaves
  • Insulation bricks
  • Refractory castings
  • Ceramic castings
  • Refractory blankets
  • Refractory Seals
  • Refractory Modules 
  • Mica Plates
  • Installation Services

Screw Feed Hopper

Why should you consider choosing the Phasecon Mining’s Screw Feeder Hopper?

  • Ensures access water are screened off as far as possible before entering the rotary kiln’s retort tube during operation.
  • A built-in overflow drain assist with dewatering carbon when the dewatering wedge wire screen is blocked.
  • Modular design to assist with more cost-effective future replacement parts.
  • Screen is an exposed design that allows the screen to be visual inspections during operation.
  • Internal hopper design deflects the inrush of access water and assist with effective fines blocking to ensure carbon does not flow out of the hopper overflow during dewatering screen carbon transfers.
  • Stainless Steel screw feeder flight to ensure corrosion are not affecting the equipment performance.
  • Level control and integration options available to monitor and control the kiln performance and energy saving 

Support Rollers

We design our support rollers to include the following:
  • Anti-slip shaft design
  • Wear-resistant material selection
  • Case hardening running surface
  • Incorporating a cooling design to eliminate heat transfer into bearing housings.


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