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Phasecon Mining specializes in Turnkey Solutions for the Mining and Industrial sectors. Our expertise in control solutions, power controllers, rectifiers, and technical services ensures top-notch engineering support. With in-house design and drafting, machining and fabrication facilities, we provide comprehensive solutions, including control panels, kilns, electrowinning cells, and more. We stock a wide range of spare OEM parts, supported by our expert team, making us your trusted engineering partner.

Phasecon Minining SIC Kiln

What we do

Weighing solutions are integral to our design offerings, providing insights into equipment performance and safety control to prevent premature failures. With over 50 years of design experience, our team specializes in weight monitoring and integration.

Enhance efficiency with our cutting-edge carbon regeneration and activation kilns designed for optimal performance and sustainability.

Optimize your operations with our advanced rotary kilns, engineered for superior performance and durability.

 Our reliable control systems, featuring top brands like Siemens, Allen Bradley, and Schneider, form the bedrock of successful solutions, outperforming competitors with advanced monitoring and standard Lithium-Ion Battery backup for added reliability.

Power your operations with our high-performance rectifiers, ensuring reliable and efficient power conversion for your industrial needs.

Elevate your mining operations with Phasecon Mining's advanced wet and dry mineral sampling solutions, ensuring precision, reliability, and future-ready efficiency.

Achieve superior metal recovery with our cutting-edge electrowinning and electroplating solutions, ensuring efficiency and sustainability in your operations.

Ensure your equipment's longevity with our expert installation and maintenance services, backed by our commitment to excellence and reliability.

Power your operations with our versatile power controllers, offering precise control and protection for various applications, from transformers to induction heaters, with our innovative Thyristor Control Card technology.

 Explore our diverse range of heating solutions, custom-designed for various applications, and benefit from our unparalleled expertise in element control.

Achieve seamless operations with our comprehensive turnkey solutions, complementing every step of your process, from dewatering screens to fume scrubbing solutions, all backed by our interconnected battery backup solutions.


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